7 Ways to Reduce Facebook Ads Cost with [ Infographics ]

7 Ways to Reduce Facebook Ads Cost with [ Infographics ]

Here we will be taking about

  • How to calculated Facebook ads cost.
  • Factors affecting on the ads.
  • The differences between Facebook ads and Google ads.
  • Some hacks to reduce the cost of Facebook Ads.


How the Facebook ads cost is calculated.

If you are constantly thinking about how much does the Facebook ads cost? Then the right answer is the very complicated algorithm that Facebook uses to figure out which ad should be shown in the news feed and how much that person should pay. Accept the Facebook nobody can tell you exact 100% correct algorithm. Based on study and experiences here you will find some of the factors that affect the cost of ads. Before that; understand how Facebook ads cost work or bidding system works. Then watch is video.


Factor affecting Facebook Ads.

If you want to run Facebook ads effectively at a lower rate then remember one thing that Facebook wants to earn money through ads along with proving good user experiences so your ads should not affect the user experiences meaning your ad should have that much level that can create a good amount of user engagement. You should also focus on that there should be good relation or match between your ads and landing page if your landing page does not provide that much value as much as your ad is committing like if your ad says that click to get free fitness course but at the end you are selling fitness product then Facebook is thinking that this, not a high-quality ad.

Facebook ads run on a cost per objective basis. You will pay depending on the objective you want to complete. Website clicks and page likes are the cheapest, while website conversions are the most expensive.


The differences between Facebook ads and Google ads.

The main difference between Google ads and Facebook ads is Google ads is based on search results but Facebook ads are based on an interest & that’s become a game changer! Why? Because on the Internet. People are not spending their whole time for search one thing on a google. Let’s take an example: A GPS tracker manufacturer company wants to sell their product and if they choose Google ads; so now their ads will display only when people try to search related to GPS tracker. (Yes I understand there are so much flexibility on Google ads but not better as Facebook ads in this case) in another hand, if manufacture company choose Facebook ads they can display based on audiences’ business type, work, interest and more.

But you should also think in another way that when people want to see a product like sinkers etc. and when they will come to the Google to know the price, quality etc. at that time if your ads will display on Google ads there are more chances that people will buy your products. Even though Facebook has more engagement Interest based, good in design.

So in conclusion Facebook ads good for brand awareness, building the reputation, selling service, lead generation. While Google ads can provide you fast direct sale but that also really depends on a type of product or service, how you use those ads & your budget.

7 hacks to reduce your Facebook Ads cost.

  1. Create your ads more relevant scores, engaging and attractive.

No matter how much your decisions are perfect about ad type, target audience, bidding, ad placements you will not get perfect outcome if your ad is not attractive.

know how to increase the Facebook ads relevant score.

other factors are in the infographics.

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Reduce Facebook Ads Cost with Infographics
Reduce Your Facebook Ads Cost with Infographics