8 ways for breaking the Instagram Algorithm with Infoghraphics

8 ways for breaking the Instagram Algorithm with Infoghraphics

Now Instagram has changed their algorithm so you are seeing more of your friends and families’ post than the post of a business account. so if you noticed that your engagement is dropped. Here is the right place because here you will learn 8 different tips or hacks that break the Instagram Algorithm. Instagram has applied these algorithm to Maximize the quality of experience that you are on that site. Instagram has not only other website like or an app like snapchat but they also compete with your other daily activities like watching TV, going to gym etc. if Instagram shows boring and unwanted feeds then it will become less interesting. So it’s not a time for increasing number of followers but it time for increase your engagement rate of your post to increase your sales rate.

When you likes comments or share or repeatedly see others’ account then those accounts are add in your top 100 favorite list. In order to add your account into others’ favorite list, you should follow these tips

  1. Comment on influencer account.

    Comment on influencer account for Instagram marketing

Influencer means someone who is more popular than you in your industry or some who is doing well in the same industry as you are in. By commenting on their post you are getting more exposed to the people that you want to target. Try to be 1st in their post because when you are at the top of the comment box. The next comment maker will actually notice your account and if you are interesting you will getting more follow also by doing this.

  1. Research about right # tags.

    use right # tags. in social media marketing

Hashtags are a great way of grouping a related conversation together on social media channels. The most popular hashtags are not always the best ones to use because there are so many people sharing content using that hashtag. So identify popular hashtags that appropriate for your market is important. You should use the tool like Tagboard that searches the hashtags across multiple platforms. You enter in a hashtag and it displays a board of content that has that hashtag included.

  1. Tagging people.

    tag on facebook

By tagging other people who are interested in your post or brand; you will be exposing yourself from follower those are common among you and them.

  1. Use Instagram stories.Instagram stories for maketing

Studies found that Instagram stories are more powerful than the post you engage your customers and prospects with a complete message than a single image can provide so you can show your Special Offers, Creative Process Special message etc.

  1. Geo tagging

By tagging you will get better exposed into search, exposer section of Instagram and also follower who lives around you are more likely to see you post you can see in below picture


  1. Post less often.

Yes, I understand that everybody is telling you that you should post more frequently but I’m telling that posting less frequently but with good contain will perform well because posting 4-5 times in a day with lack of quality makes you less spammy and you may get out of their favorite list. you can use Requeue which is a good way to automate your social media from coschedule.

  1. Cross promotions.

    connect professors with social media

Posting about your Instagram account on another social site will help you to reach those people that you are not able reached through you Instagram account.

      1. Posting on most engaging time by using Insights.

    By insights, you can check out your posts’ performance individually to see when your engagement increases or decreases depending on timing. Analyzing your preformation and making changes according to it which is the most important of any marketing strategy. if you follows all above tips and posting at right time then there are more chances that your content will recommend in explore section of instagram to nonfollower account.

8 ways for breaking the Instagram Algorithm
8 ways for breaking the Instagram Algorithm

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